Goldenpark gives customers more freedom to choose

Goldenpark is famous for its numerous promotions and the fact that their bonuses have some of the easiest to meet wagering goldenlogorequirements.

In a nutshell, these are the two things that gamblers are constantly expecting and thoroughly explains how it is possible for the online casino to grow at a steady pace.

Until recently, players had no reason to be upset with the terms and conditions, but didn’t enjoy too much freedom when it came to choosing the welcome package.

This is the industry practice, to provide prospective customers with one or a maximum of two welcome bonuses, which drastically limits their freedom of choice. The size of the bonus make the difference in most cases, but Goldenpark plans on making it even easier for players to find a bonus that meets their expectations to the letter.

Instead of limiting them to a basic package and simply matching the deposit by a certain percentage, they present users with the option of choosing between cash prizes and free spins.

The reason for why this decision is so important is that slot machine enthusiasts would always prefer free spins to cash prizes. On the other hand, if you plan on focusing mostly on table games, video poker or specialty games, the use of such spins is questionable.

The current welcome package consists of free spins, cash prizes or both, as there are many players who would rather combine these incentives.

Goldenpark has a couple of great games that it wants to promote, especially the ones that were recently introduced and bonuses have always worked like a charm. They are not going to go away and players who apply for special promotions are going to have to use the funds on selected slot machines.

This is actually a good thing, because players don’t risk a dime out of pocket and get the chance to experience the thrills of a genre that they are not necessarily familiar with.

Tournaments are sometimes running live and focus on such slot machines, with players competing both against the random number generator and their peers.

There is no better way of getting fully immersed in the gaming experience and competing for boosted payouts, than by participating in such massive events.