Lunch Tournaments return to Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino has had its fair share of exotic tournaments and many members still remember the Casumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218amazing events running live here.

Many of them were a one-time opportunity for players, but some of the most popular campaigns have returned under a different name and format.

The Lunch Tournament are a shining example of competitions that were so popular among players, that the casino found it worthwhile to bring them back on the menu.

Participating in competitions of this type is twice as exciting as playing in regular tournaments, because the opponents are much better. You compete not only with the random number generator, but also real people with whom you can also interact.

To some extent, this allows players to re-create the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos and feel the adrenaline rush of conservative competitions.


What makes these tournaments special is that they run on a daily basis and appeal to those who don’t want to wait for the weekend to play their games. The name says it all, at least when it comes to the hour when they are supposed to take place, as all these events start that 11 AM.

Players have exactly 3 hours to sign up and participate, so they can return to work at 2 p.m. with their bankrolls consolidated.

Instead of spending a dull lunch and eating alone, you could enjoy the best of both worlds and have a tasty snack while playing casino games. You don’t even need to stay in front of a computer to participate in these events, because the games can be played on mobile devices. At least in theory, it is perfectly possible for players to actually have a quality lunch outdoors with a bunch of friends and play the games.

It goes without saying that when you are surrounded by your buddies and also participate in a competition that can make you rich, enthusiasm is sky high. There are plenty of games that qualify for this tournament and all of them are developed by Netent.

The list includes Attraction, Wild Water, Gonzo Quest, Starburst, South Park, Aliens as well as progressive jackpot games such as Mega Fortune.The prospect of winning a progressive jackpot without spending a dime is exciting but also too good to be true. Since entrance to the Lunch Tournaments won’t set you back financially and you can play for free, you can actually win a jackpot without taking any chances at all.

The winners of the events are chosen based on their performance, so it’s not a random state of affairs. To prevail, you need to record the best score over the course of 20 consecutive game rounds and claw your way to the top of the leaderboard.

To join the excitement and be a part of the Lunch Tournaments, you need to be a Casumo member first, with a real money account. Sees the casino offers bonuses and cash prizes to all those who sign up, this is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity that is simply too good to miss.